Nothing Like You’ve Seen Before: Skynthesize

Skynfyx has a panel compounding pharmacies to create your personalized formula which will change and evolve as your skin and health improves. Compounding pharmacy creates medication from scratch. Most medications today are standardized and unsuitable for your needs. Our pharmacies will customize your medication for your unique needs.

This is what we would like to call Skynthesize. Customizing your skincare, it involves putting together different active ingredients to make a whole that is new and different skincare only for your personalized skin problem. All these are done by our experienced dermatologist by using medical knowledge with our SMART algorithm.

So… when it comes to choosing the right skincare, with Skynfyx you really can’t go wrong. Therefore, if you're looking for a more Skynthesized fit, sign up with us and you are about to embark on a journey to healthier and flawless skin.

Only The Best For You

We use only the best medical-grade ingredients in our Skynthesize solutions with a higher concentration of active ingredients for each individual. Skynfyx has a panel of compounding pharmacies to create your personalized formula which will change and evolve as your skin improves. A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy that makes certain medications from scratch. Most pharmacists simply dispense medications that arrive at the pharmacy premade.

At compounding pharmacies, the pharmacists actually customize medication for each individual patient and his or her unique needs, as long as that drug is not available from a drug manufacturer. The ingredients are kept on hand, and when a patient needs a particular treatment, a compounding pharmacist mixes it up from these ingredients. Pills and tablets are not commonly compounded. But, liquids, creams, ointments, lozenges, suppositories, and often capsules are compounded.


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