Real patient, real result

“Just an update on current condition.. no significant new acne. thank you dr.”

-Aziz Bin Suhaimi, 34 years old, Selangor

2 April 2021

“Hello doctor my serum has finished n this is my face condition rn. Thank you SkynFyx! I'm happy with the good skin improvement.”

-Wong Ker Fong, 22 years old, Perak

20 April 2021

“Hello dr ingky, I want to give the feedback for using the cream that you formulated for my skin concern. Saya dah pakai cream tu for a about 3 weeks and all my acne dah berkurang dan saya notice dah takde lagi active acne and the cystic acne pun dah berkurang. Everytime ada jerawat saya akan pakai the cream and it really works to my skin. Thank you so much dr for the awesome cream you made for me. I really happy with the result sebab before this I’ve tried many product including the nixoderm cream but it still doesn’t work for me”

-Noorsyazwani Mansoor, 25 years old, Kuala Lumpur

18 February 2021

“Thank you so much! There's a lot of improvement for my skin, and I'm really glad for all the help”

-Rooba Nair, 23 years old, Selangor

18 March 2021

Arin, 28 years old, Kuala Lumpur

23 February 2021

My skin improves much, no more acne, just leftover acne scars.

Azilawati, 36 years old, Shah Alam

23 February 2021

My current skin condition. scars are much better now. thank you doctor!

Dina, 21 years old, Kedah

15 April 2021

Hai doctor, saya nak update skin sy after 1 month using skynfyx. parut semakin pudar.

Fazrul, 29 years old , Selangor

22 February 2021

Nak update skin saya - jerawat memang jarang ada sekarang doc. kalau ada pun sekejap je dah hilang.

Nurin Izzatie, 19 years old, Selangor

6 March 2021

Skin makin sihat🥰👍

Haziyah, 23 years old, Selangor

23 February 2021

Hai doctor..i would like to share about my progress face skin after using that cream ..just left acne scars.

Hafiezah, 24 years old, Selangor

15 March 2021

Thankyouuu! Jerawat sy makin mengecut skrg. Kemerah merahan pun kurang. Cuma tinggal parut parut jerawat yang perlu sy rawat. Thankyou so much skynfyx!

Saeeda, 23 years old, Kuala Lumpur

24 February 2021

Before ni muka saya timbul dengan jerawat tapi bila dah pakai cream tuu, jerawat semua dah surut/turun

Syerina, 29 years old, Johor

9 March 2021

Hi Dr, my consultation ends today.. ..thank you for helping me reducing the problems even though it is not completely hilang lagi. but improved so much...

Farraizylina, 26 years old, Johor

26 March 2021

Thank you SkynFyx. i feel its getting better

Hajar, 29 years old, Kuala Lumpur

17 April 2021

Parut jerawat dah kurang..😍😍suka sangat!

Mas, 28 years old, Kuala Lumpur

17 April 2021

I’ve been using skynfyx since 24th feb. I am happy with the result. My acne did appear once in a while but not as much as before and it will not as long as before using skynfyx. It does help a lot on my acne on cheeks.

Nadra, 30 years old, Pahang

2 April 2021

Hello Dr, muka makin elok. Trm kasih

Nurfarisha, 26 years old, Kuala Lumpur

10 April 2021

Hi Dr , this is my skin after 5 day of using. getting much better just left scar

Amirah, 22 years old, Kuala Lumpur

1 May 2021

Hello Dr, I think ade perubahan on mys skin lepas pakai ape yang Dr suggest but I didn't apply adapalene on my face sebab my face getting worse bile pakai adapalene. Parut jerawat makin kurang cuma masih ade jerawat yang tumbuh. Untuk masa sekarang, skin okay la dibandingkan dengan sebelum ni

Rooba Nair, 23 years old, Selangor

18 March 2021

Thank you so much! There's a lot of improvement for my skin, and I'm really glad for all the help

Hajar, 32 years old, Kuala Lumpur

17 April 2021

Parut jerawat dah kurang..😍😍suka sngat

Shalini, 28 years old, Kuala Lumpur

30 April 2021

Hi Dr, the previous cream was really great. It reduces the big acnes. Now left with scars and small pimples only.

Shafiqah, 24 years old, Kuala Lumpur

21 April 2021

Hi Dr, just to inform this is my current skin. jerawat dah tak naik, if naik pun just jarang dah 😇

Rathnaa, 29 years old, Selangor

12 May 2021

I have seen improvements like the acne reducing. Although, it’s still popping here and there but the numbers are getting reduce day by day.. I fully trust your product and hope to see more visible results in coming days.

Farhana, 32 years old, Kuala Lumpur

22 April 2021

Hi doc, my skin now dah ok. jerawat pon dah almost 2 weeks tak naik satu pon.

Nurlisa, 30 years old, Kuala Lumpur

24 May 2021

Feeling much better. quite happy actually but need to wait a bit longer 😝

Nadia, 25 years old, Penang

5 May 2021

Doctor, I’m so happy my merah-merah dekat muka makin kurang. like sekarang merah banyak kalau baru lepas cuci dengan make up removal je..other than that, warna merah tu dah makin kurang.

Ikarsl, 28 years old, Selangor

20 April 2021

My current skin 😍 improved a lot! the red pustules are decreasing, fungal acne are decreasing, whiteheads also decreasing! and my skin texture improved. i can feel the bumps on my forehead especially when washing my face and now it’s all smooth! Finally, found a solution at skynfyx to treat my never ending acne problem!!

Atiqah, 23 years old, Kuala Lumpur

20 April 2021

Hi Dr Ingky, muka sy dah mula ok dah. Guna lebih kurang seminggu dah. jerawat2 kecik2 ada muncul tp cepat hilang lepas guna skynfyx 😁

Catherine, 27 years old, Kuala Lumpur

23 April 2021

Hi, just want to say i love your service so much! And I've seen improvement and saved so much money instead from trying other wrong skincare products and making my skin worse.

Hazwani, 35 years old, Perak

9 June 2021

Sejak konsisten pkai produk skynfx , mmg nampak perubahan yg ketara. Cuma tinggal parut jerawat saya nk hilangkan. Dan parut pon dh pudar sikit demi sikit.

Amira, 23 years old, Kuala Lumpur

9 August 2021

Hello Dr😊 my acne dah clear 90%! so far banyak improvement! thank youu ❤

Syazwani, 25 years old, Selangor

9 August 2021

It takes time to heal! after 4 months using skynfyx and consult with dr inky, my face is healed from severe acne! thank you skynfyx!

Syuewong, 27 years old, Kuala Lumpur

9 August 2021

Selepas 2 bulan guna Skynfyx, kulit saya makin better


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