About Us

To revolutionize personal healthcare services in Southeast Asia in 10 years
Waiting for hours in the doctor’s office?
Taking a half day off work to drive to the Dermatologist for your appointment? Not anymore!
Now you can consult our doctors from the comfort of your home.

Dr. Lim has been practicing primary care dermatology since 2013.
During his time, he found out that most of his patients lack basic skincare knowledge.
He then set out to help and educate people through social media. During this time,
he discovered that his patients required detailed medical attention but could not do so
due to lack of time or unable to travel long distances to seek help from a dermatologist.
Together with his partners, SkynFyx was born. The SkynFyx platform provides consumers easy access
to a high-quality, integrated personal care journey from start to finish. We believe that flawless
skin should be affordable and accessible to everyone.